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I seem to be all about the Nordic novels lately. I just finished ‘The Almost Nearly Perfect People-The Truth About the Nordic Miracle’ by Michael Booth. Booth, a British journalist is married to a Dane who lives in Copenhagen has some great insight into the Scandinavian psyche. There are some very funny bits about the Scandinavians’ conformists ways especially around jaywalking. Let’s just say, it’s tantamount to flashing someone on the street! No matter what the time of day, they will always cross at a light and when it is green only. So it is not hard to be a renegade there. I always thought it funny that my parents immigrated to America the polar opposite in conformity!

from the Guardian:

This amble through Scandiland may be light on any profound conclusion, but it’s a lively and endearing portrait of our friends in the north, venerated globally for their perfectly balanced societies but, it turns out, as flawed as the rest of us – or at least only almost perfect.

I have only started the first of 6 autobiographical books by Karl Ove Knausgaard called ‘A Death in the Family’ but it is shaping up to be a good read…

another quote from the Gaurdian:

The merciless frankness of novelist Karl Ove Knausgård’s autobiography shocked his family, gripped a nation and left him in virtual hiding. But what did he expect


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