Soft Discipline and Guilt


“Maria and Violeta” via bluecaleel

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of my time as a parent feeling enormously guilty for the way I handle some situations with my children. This parenting gig is really hard! Sometimes I feel successful and more often than not I feel I have failed myself or children in some ways. Last week was particularly challenging and I just wasn’t handling things well and instead of dusting myself off and trying to turn things around, I wallowed in a sad pathetic pity party about how hard things were. It wasn’t pretty people! A lovely friend emailed me this article by Elena Bower….READ IT! It lifted my spirits and made me realise that beating myself up is such a waste and that we all must be a bit kinder to ourselves.

Here is a bit from the article because Elena Bower just says it better

‘And feeling badly when I mess it up again isn’t an option. Feeling badly is the perfect diversion from just getting calmer and softer, which is a process of seeing it all, coping with it all, and shifting it all.Feeling badly just keeps our unsavory behavior in place, generation to generation. I had no idea I could design a softening within myself; I was perfectly resigned to the thunder, and then if I “felt badly” afterward, that made me feel like a morally sound human and made the whole thing sort of okay.’

Must go as I think Freya is biting Magnus!


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