The Weather

My Mum is totally obsessed with the weather in a freakish way. Every single time I talk to her, pretty much the first thing out of her mouth is “how’s the weather?”. She was visiting us over Christmas and all I can say is thank goodness the weather was amazing while she was here. Otherwise, we and the rest of all of her friends would have known about it.

I saw this clip over on Whoorl and it totally made me laugh! It is so true Californians (especially Southern Californians) are so wimpy over the weather. I remember when I lived there..a few drops of rain warranted a whole new outfit to cope with the torrential weather. I suppose when you live in a place where it is pretty much sunny every single day, one becomes a bit sensitive to temperature fluctuations. ¬†When I first moved to New Zealand 12 years ago (I think it was in August), it rained for an entire month….It was my turn to freak out about the weather!

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