I think by now everyone knows I love Ilse Crawford’s design aesthetic(I have a pinterest board devoted to her work). Duddell’s in Hong Kong is one of her latest projects. Ilse is just genius at creating honest spaces that manage to do away with the usual austerity that clings to members only clubs. All of her commercial spaces exude a sort of inviting cosiness that one would find in more domestic spaces. I also love that her spaces have her signature but are all so unique, no cookie cutter design here folks!





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High Five to Mamas out there (and Papas too)!

indigo bunting high 5

The Indigo Bunting for Paperless Post

I read “Tell a Friend: You are a Good Mama “ages ago and kept wanting to post it and then of course forgot. There is so much judgement around parenting and every time I get “that look” from someone in the supermarket(you know who you are) judging my poor parenting decision in that moment, I try to remember this article. I too have been guilty of judging in my before children days but having children is such a great leveller. All the things you swore you would never do somehow creep in…..because sometimes it is is just about surviving…so HIGH 5!

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A New Year!


Where to start….I hope you all had a lovely holiday with loved ones and stuffed your bellies with yummy food and vino..we sure did! We stayed close to home but managed a trip up north to the Bay of Islands which was lovely.

a few snaps from the break


Freya doing her best pose


Lucy, Magnus and Freya, Russell


Rob and Jason enjoying the Bay of Islands

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Christmas is a coming!

It’s a wee bit early for this post I know but I just ordered Christmas cards and managed to find the perfect Christmas tree at the garden centre. I always opt for a live tree and drag it in and out every year, better than throwing it out I say. I will post some photos once I have gotten into the decorating zone. After over 12 years in New Zealand, I still find it hard to get used to having a summery Christmas. This year, I have decided to forego the big Danish Christmas dinner because frankly I get too hot and flustered in the kitchen and the weather just doesn’t suit winter food.  Perhaps a bit of seafood this year on the barbecue. Check out my Pinterest as I will be no doubt be posting lots of Christmas inspiration….I am always partial to the simple Scandi Christmas decor..


Christmas tree_living room_stylizimoStylizimo

I think I may attempt to make this wreath..I found the bells, how hard can it be?


Anthropologie bell wreath

We also managed to make it to Josh Emett’s new bistro Ostro a couple of weeks ago.  I love the slightly gritty views of the container dock.  It was only day 2 into their opening so there were a few teething problems but the food was delicious!  I think it will make a nice destination for sipping wines in the summer.

ostro 4


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Freya is a big girl…sniff

After quite a few nights of Freya climbing out of her cot a bazillion times, we decided it was finally time to move her to a bed. These milestones are always so bittersweet. The first night went pretty well, with bribery to stay in bed of course! Luckily we inherited our wee friend Hunter’s old toddler bed so it is just the right size!












I thought I would post a few bits here and there about our Denmark trip…..I can’t get enough of beautiful ceramics and Stilleben in Copenhagen was chock full of gorgeous pieces!


Oh, I miss all the gorgeous architecture around Denmark…

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